How do I backup & restore a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin?

How to back up a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin:

You can backup your database using the PHPMyAdmin feature in your control panel. In PHPMyAdmin, select the database you want to backup and select "Export" tab on the right screen. Choose the tables you wish to backup (or "Select All" for all tables). Scroll down and tick "Save File As..." and click on the "Go" button. Simply save the database that begins to download, on your local computer.

While we do regular backups of all our servers, we do not provide restores for one specific account, folder, file, or database. You will need to make sure you have backed up your latest database(s) on your local machine.

How to restore a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin:

Click on your database name shown on the upper left.

Locate your back up file for the database that you want to restore. Open it and copy the entire contents.

Paste into the field called "Run SQL query/queries on database yourdomain_com" and click the "Go" button

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