Are there any limitations if I choose to publish with FrontPage?


  1. Our extensions support FrontPage 2000 and above. They do not support Sharepoint services in Frontpage 2003 though you can still use the 2003 version.
  2. Web size: This seems to be most critical when a "searchable event" is present in the web (Search, Discussion Forum and Table of Contents). The lengthy process of updating the indices for these functions can lead to the connection timing-out (HTTP 500 Error or 'Server' has timed-out).
  3. Disk Usage: You may create and publish as many child webs as your disk storage space allows. However, for each child web you publish, FrontPage duplicates certain information into indices and hidden files. This adds "overhead", increasing the storage space required for your files.
  4. Time Out: When you are publishing large pictures or have a lot of pages to your web site, often times FrontPage will time out when uploading your files to the Internet. If this should occur, simply restart the publishing feature and FrontPage will recognize what files were already placed into the directory and begin publishing only those files that were left before your connection was timed out.
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