jQuerySliding Background Image Navigation Menu

 is  a Joomla module that uses jquery library to present a menu that combines a background image with your menu items.
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This menu will have several panels, each one corresponding to a different background image that will show on all panels when you hover over a panel label. Also, a submenu will slide out from the bottom or from the top  that can have a color or a background image .

This Background Image menu comes with some configuration possibilities, such as the size of the module,10 different  hover effect creating  a unique look and presentation. When you hover a menu item, an image builds itself as the background while the sub menu gently fades in.

The module allows for up to 10 main level 1 menu items and as many items as you can fit in level 2. You can also adjust many parameters of the menu like a default image of your choice and a submenu background image in the module parameters. You can upload your own images, change colors, size and more.
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jQuery Side article slider

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You can chose articles from section and categories and display - show a fixed list at the right or the left  side of the screen with some thumbnails sticking out. When the user hovers over the items, they slide out, revealing the title and the description of the article including a Read more . As thumbnails the module use the photo that each article may contain and is automatically being displayed on the module as navigation. If no image exist its just take title. You can limit the character of title and the character of description of  the article to display.

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jQuery Image Scroller with Linking

With jQuery power  we decided to add a scrolling carousel .imagescroller-logo

This module takes images from one folder resize and scroll with jQuery effect. You can select how many pictures you display per row and size of images and module. Also you can add link and description to every image.
This module is FREE under GPL Licence and you can download >  UNZIP First

Release History:
Version 1.0.1
Added Joomla 1.6 Version
Corrected Module width function

Version 1.0.2
Auto scroll function in seconds

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